2-4 players, 5+ players please call

60 minutes

On the evening of May 14th, 1971, Madame Locktane’s Inn & Suites experienced a massive power outage that left the entire town in darkness, rooted from the Inn’s boiler room. Norman Fisher and the Inn’s nightly janitorial staff attempted to diminish the problem by venturing into the basement and restoring the power. No less than 60 minutes later, the power was restored to the motel, but the staff was neither heard from nor seen again. On the 50th anniversary of their disappearance, and official closing of Madame Locktane’s, the Janitorial staff (you and your fellow team members) have mysteriously returned to carry out their nightly cleaning duties where you, once again, encounter a similar outage. You creep into the darkness, but this time, you must successfully restore the power and escape before your unfortunate demise is secured. Testing your senses, with the exception of sight, will you be able to restore the power to Madame Locktane’s Inn & Suites and escape the darkness? Or will you be consumed by the monstrosities that lie within the walls of this abandoned motel?

*⚠️WARNING⚠️: A majority of this room will be completed in the dark. A FIRST of its kind for Orlando*


This room is played 60% of the time in COMPLETE AND TOTAL DARKNESS with no light source. For the protection and safety of our guests, we ask that all participants wear closed-toed shoes.