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What is this?

This is a live-action escape game experience. You and your team will be placed inside of one of our themed game rooms and given a story with mission to complete. Players will decipher a series of puzzles, crack codes and solve the mission in order to make your escape!

When should my group arrive?

Everyone in your party MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to the reservation start time. This time frame is to complete check-in, fill out waivers and use the restroom, if necessary, prior to starting the game. As always, account for Orlando traffic and parking availability. If your group anticipates arriving later than the 15-minutes prior to start time, please call us at 407-730-6733.

I need to reschedule my reservation!

In order to re-schedule a reservation, you MUST give us a 24-hour notice prior to your original game start time. Only one reservation change can happen for a booking, so make sure the re-scheduled game time works for everyone in your party! Re-scheduling also excludes a refund. To receive a refund, a 48-hour notice must be given from the original booking time.

How many people can play at once?

Every game is different. Bros For Life, has a maximum capacity of 8 people (private bookings can hold up to 10, but 8 is recommended), while Granny Fanny’s has a maximum capacity of 6 (always private bookings). Please give us a call at 407-730-6733 with any questions.

If I'm late, can I still play?

For PRIVATE experiences, we DO allow a 10 minute grace period, but we MUST start your time 10 minutes after your scheduled game start time. You and your team may enter after the start time, but the full allotted playing time would be forfeited. For a PUBLIC experience, your time starts AT the designated game time. If you are partnered with other players and arrive late, you forfeit the reservation and will not be allowed into the game, as a courtesy to other players. You MUST arrive 15 minutes early in order to check-in and complete waivers. There will be no refunds given to late arrivals. If you and your team anticipate an arrival later than 15-minutes prior to your scheduled game time, please give us a call at 407-730-6733.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes and no. Prior reservations online or over the phone are recommended to ensure you get the room and time you wish to play. You can always stop-by in person to see if there are any available playing spots; however, you are not guaranteed an open spot for your group. All games will come offline 1-hour prior to game start, whether the game is booked or not. Call us at 407-730-6733 if you had a game time in mind and were not able to book online in time.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied into the game by at least one ticketed adult 21 years or older.

How much does it cost?

We only offer PRIVATE games! Private games are $32.00 + tax per person and ensure a private experience, NOT paired with other players. For our 45-minute experience, $20.00 + tax per person. Minimum of 2 people are required for all bookings.

What, if anything, should I bring to the game?

You will not need to bring anything for the game. We do recommend wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes. If your reservation has a remaining balance, the balance must be paid before entering the room. We do not take any cellular devices from our players; however, we prohibit the taking of pictures and videos inside the game.

How much time is given to complete the game?

Most games, here at The Escape Ventures, have a 60-minute time limit; however, our LTO pop-up experience has a 45-minute time limit. Be sure to read the description of the game you are playing and of course, any questions can be answered over the phone or via email.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We pride our experiences on being immersive and accessible. There may be certain puzzles that require additional assistance, so we do ask that you contact us prior to booking to ensure your experiences is the best that it can be.

Is this a haunted house? Is it scary?

While the industries are similar, we are NOT a haunted house. Though some of our themes may be gory or highly suspenseful, you will not have actors jumping out at you. Be sure to call with any questions or concerns. We can accommodate just about anybody!