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Port Charlotte


  • Nightfall: Creature at Camp Deadwood

    icon locationPort Charlotte
    Ranger here! Gather 'round folks and hold onto your butts ‘cause this tale is twisted. Let the line between campfire lore and reality blur as ya become yet another chilling chapter in the legendary tale of the creature that lurks at Camp Dreadwood.
    8/10 2-6 Players 60 Minutes
  • Click ‘N Glitch

    icon locationPort Charlotte
    It’s past close at ‘Click ‘N Glitch Arcade Palace’, so time to bust in and break the all-time high score. Put the 'pedal to the pixel', dodge security and earn those epic bragging rights!
    9/10 2-6 Players 60 minutes
  • Phantom Files

    icon locationPort Charlotte
    The indomitable Spirit Stalkers are at it yet again! Lockturne Manor, a reputedly haunted estate, has ignited the neighborhood's obsession for the supernatural, beckoning the next thrilling chapter of our Phantom Files! To tackle a job of this magnitude, we require fresh recruits!
    7/10 3-6 Players 90 Minutes
  • Operation Arctic Storm: The Final Meltdown

    icon locationOrlando

    This is your direct-support Radio Operator reporting the formation of a severe Arctic Storm. All stationed personnel should seek shelter immediately. Will you make it to safety before THE FINAL MELTDOWN?

    8/10 Difficulty 3-6 Players 90 Minutes
  • Neighborhood Watcher

    icon locationOrlando
    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, at least that’s what the leader of Clearview Community’s Neighborhood Watch reassures their residents...
    9/10 Difficulty 2-6 Players 60 Minutes
  • Outage: No Vacancy

    icon locationOrlando
    In the middle of your shift you encounter a power outage. Creeping into the darkness, you must successfully restore the power before your unfortunate demise is secured...
    10/10 Difficulty 2-4 Players 60 Minutes
    Wallpaper on top of wood planks
  • Bros for Life: Fraternity Heist

    icon locationOrlando
    Listen up, dudes and dudettes! We need you to prove your worth and snatch the golden eagle statue. You only have one hour to snag the statue and become BROS FOR LIFE!
    7/10 Difficulty 2-8 Players 60 Minutes
  • The Satirical Miracle: Granny’s Blackmail

    icon locationOrlando
    “The past year flew by in a blur, now we’re back at Granny’s for another winter...
    6/10 Difficulty 2-6 Players 60 Minutes
    Holiday gift with ribbon, Christmas lights and gingerbread cookies on it

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